Beautiful in design, intriguing in history, it’s nature’s hidden paradise.

Minerals are inorganic elements that contain an ordered atomic structure. By contrast, a ‘rock’ is a substance that can contain many atomic elements, as well as some minerals. A type of hybrid when considering the minerals’ more pure atomic design. A diamond for example is a mineral.

There are five categories that are proprietary to minerals.
They must:

  • Occur naturally
  • Inorganic in nature
  • Be of solid material
  • Consist of an orderly atomic structure
  • Have a definite chemical composition 

Probably the most known of the mineral family are silicates. which contain oxygen and silicon.

Howard Fensterman’s collection is depicted on this website, along with a history of each of the elements.

Please see this interesting introdution of minerals from the 2010 Tuscon Gem and Mineral Show

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